Awaydays , Best Feature, Fringe Award

While the rest of the country was hooting with amusement at Mickey Rourke’s memorable acceptance speech at the BAFTA’s, another Optimum film was picking up its first award out in Indieland. Awaydays was voted Best Feature in the Fringe Awards, a sort of alternative Oscars whose accolades are voted for by the public, and contributors to – one of the very best sites for new film information. Considering Awaydays isn’t due for release until 22nd May, it’s some achievement picking up any kind of award at all. The film’s producers, Dave Hughes and Kevin Sampson were delighted to get the news:

“It’s a brilliant award. Fringe Report is dead influential. It’s like the old Alternative Chart in NME, and we’ve gone straight in at Number One. We’re made up.”

Check back in a couple of weeks’ time for news about SXSW, the new trailer and the adidas Awaydays box set.