London Film Festival – 19th & 20th October


The two screenings went brilliantly. The Sunday night show sold out very quickly, and the Monday afternoon matinee was packed, too. A mixture of match lads, film-heads and invited guests sat glued to the screen as Carty and Elvis’s doomed relationship played out in front of them. The action and drama was complemented by a great selection of tracks – early Ultravox, Magazine and Joy Division being prominent, along with a rare, home-recorded demo of The Cure’s 10.15, Saturday Night, while Young Savage blasting out in full, thumping Dolby mega-sound is the perfect underscore to a frenetic title sequence. Some of the more shocking scenes drew gasps from the audience (Godden’s final scene with Baby in particular is a stunning moment), but viewers sat in rapt attention, unable to guess which way the story would take them. There was loud, sustained applause at the end and everybody seemed genuinely made up with the film. 

During a brief Question & Answer session hosted by film critic Michael Holden, Director Pat Holden, Producer Dave Hughes and cast members Nicky Bell, Liam Boyle and Michael Ryan answered questions about the clothes, the music, the era, the budget and casting. Hughes revealed that, in order to gain permission to use tracks which he knew he could never afford on his pittance of a budget, he’d made pilgrimages to the homes of Peter Hook (Joy Division) and Howard Devoto (Magazine). He also mentioned that the film is due to go on general release in March 09.

At the after-show party at Lambeth’s Mad Hatter Hotel, Pack Punch was consumed by the pint until Sean Ward (Robbie) finally succumbed to increasingly drunken demands that he: 

“Do you robot, la!” 

Sean’s manically jerky robot dance makes Peter Crouch’s look a very tall man dancing badly. Actually… 

The hosts decided to call time when a tipsy chorus of Moon River from Danielle Malone (who plays busty predator Janie and delivers, arguably, the film’s funniest line – “Arr ay lad – spunk all over me black kecks!”) sent revellers running for cover. A fine night, and a terrific start for Awaydays.

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